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The toilet? Floor drain? Sink? Your peculiar smell, where is the toilet?

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-11
No matter how you clean the toilet clean, there will always be a smell of if if no spill out, from time to time there are bugs in the inside, what reason is this? Most families appear this kind of phenomenon, basic is the toilet of floor drain, trap, exhaust fan, etc.

1, didn't seal drains, pipes to do trap

one of the reasons for the bathroom odor is below the sink drains no seal, or simply not seal. In addition to the drains to seal, the pipe should also have a trap. Trap is the purpose of the use of u-shaped curve, forming a sealed water pipe, and the water can be isolated from the stench of sewage pipe. How to solve? There are two ways: one is you need to replace a deodorant hose, S type structure, can effective storage, to prevent dirty water on the taste. The built-in odor-proof valve inside, where there is water flow, to open, the rest of the time is closed. 2 it is directly under the hose and nozzle gap in between the glass glue, every year to play it again.

2, floor drain was not chosen to

looks like a small dot, floor drain is not the place to cut corners. A floor drain produce peculiar smell, is largely caused by the floor drain, the water depth, smell will take up. That is to say, as long as you buy a good floor drain in order to solve the problem. A qualified floor drain drainage faster, but also has anti bacteria, anti odor, prevent blockage, the function of the defence of the water. So when buying a floor drain, how to choose which good?

U floor drain ( Water sealed)

U belongs to water sealed floor drain floor drain, rely on water sealing packer sewer gas overflow effect. In situations where there is water deodorization effect is obvious, but if trap dry, u-shaped floor drain is a vent, odor in the sewage system can be unobstructed. Of course you can also from time to time yourself into water injection, but few small make up feel so hard-working, at least it is may often forget myself. So don't suggest you choose.

T floor drain ( The deep bend floor drain)

the deep bend floor drain is U upgrade of floor drain, seal is often by gravity, the spring, magnets and other machinery. With water flow, gravity oppression, automatically open; Without water, automatically closed. So the deep bend floor drain deodorant at the same time, better than U block parasitic in the drain of the small flying insects.

3, toilet deodorization

odor sources can also be a toilet, toilet basically see two things:

the first: the toilet is a siphon or straight strong pattern?

strictly, siphon toilet deodorization & gt; Straight flush toilet, because of the siphon toilet is equivalent to another 'water pipes', deodorization effect, of course, will be better, The diagram below) 。

the second point: the toilet loose flange ring sealed or not

if the toilet in the flange ring quality is bad or loose, so waste can't into the sewers, all may leak point out from the side, this is the source of odor. This time you may need to ask professional master the door, and will remove the toilet, to replace the flange ring, and then use the glass glue to toilet sealing side, so that you can eliminate the peculiar smell in the toilet.

4, platoon check valve problems

check valve I believe you will not be unfamiliar, and kitchen flue check valve of a truth, is to stop the air duct reflux; If you did not install the check valve of air duct, then probably smell will return to the toilet.
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