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The wei yu feng shui - you have to believe

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Avoid sanitary ware location to see feng shui, pay attention to appropriate since choose room, the location of the sanitary ware are generally not to buy a house when I was a fixed, if follow the principle of involuntary changes of wei yu feng shui, want to have a good feng shui, the toilet must be see from the time they are buying. Should do: the daylighting ventilated place wei yu moisturizing daylighting ventilated, alone is not enough to keep clean. Wei yu should, therefore, often the air circulation, to let the fresh air outside inflow, foul air blow to the toilet. So the toilet window or exhaust fan to often open, in order to absorb more pure and fresh air, remove peculiar smell. Do: in the house edge toilet is considered more impurity and privacy, so shoulds not be too. Bathroom door is unfavorable for the gate, both in line, so that not only eyesore, and contrary to the way of feng shui, feng shui think this will lead to disease, especially of malignant tumor. Bathroom door also to be unable to align the bedroom door, or the kitchen door. Wei yu should place on the edge of the house. Don't: bath set toilet under the stairs under the stairs, let people feel uncomfortable on the lavatory, go against health, in addition, if used as a public bathroom, entertaining, dowdy, does not favor the development of interpersonal relationship. Don't: bath set if after the kitchen in the kitchen again into the toilet, as a man, after eating food in the stomach without absorption, easy to cause the large intestine absorption system appear problem, moreover, is unfavorable to keep house. In addition to need to pay attention to the position of wei yu, when decorating a select material also should pay attention to the pattern and material of toilet, the toilet of good feng shui can reduce the risk of family members suffer from pain, also can let the noxious gas of toilet to reduce as much as possible. Do: wei yu to dry wet depart the basic elements of dry wet depart is separated shower and other areas, so the water in the shower don't rained down, to keep dry outside the shower space. Shower is the most basic function is to set a barrier, the shower area and other functional areas, dry wet depart, wei yu the most appropriate is simple shower room, shower room safe, like shower room is famous for its safety quality brand, and high-end custom, has a high performance and high reputation in the market of brand are more trustworthy.
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