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The wei yu that sold 10 years, and finally found a good toilet all the 5 o 'clock. 。 。 。 。 。

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-02
Choose the toilet? 'The toilet what choose! White is, of course, the more the better! 'A lot of people are buying the toilet all listen to people around you said these words! Said a friend you can give up him, because he was really too not professional! How can the stand or fall of toilet is to see color, experts are watching 'glaze'!

show you what good toilet today!

a, see the glaze

to see the stand or fall of glaze, the color look not to come out of what you are, with a focus on the finish. Using a mobile phone of the surface of the flashlight closestool, viewed from the side product of luminosity, carefully check whether there is surface tiny sand holes and hemp dot, the less sand holes and hemp dot glaze level, the higher! The higher the quality of glaze luminosity, the better, less impurities, feeling good natural quality can't bad! In addition, several hundred yuan and thousands of pieces of toilet closestool is the most intuitive comparison with the hand touch, glaze good toilet more strong, in decades as well as smooth surface, glaze texture difference have residual dirt easily, over time there will be a dirt, go all out! So touch glaze feel, more smooth glaze quality must be excellent!

there is a self-cleaning glaze, is in the basic glaze construction is completed, plus the self-cleaning glaze. A self-cleaning glaze is like the lotus leaf has self-cleaning function, self-cleaning glaze pick can observe the toilet pipe wall, if carry the mark pen, just write a few times, see if you can erase.

2, try to buy a Siamese toilet

even toilet technology of mould is a integrated, occupied area is smaller than fission, failure rate is lower, the fission toilet splicing part most after a long time will be a problem, but also easy to dirty, budget enough words or choose one-piece toilet!

3, the heavier the toilet, the better!

not glazing at the bottom of the department of the white the better!

common closestool is 50 jins, good toilet around 100 pounds.

the weight of the toilet comes mainly from his body, namely clay and white quartz powder, mixed burn into the bottom of the embryo. The high ratio of white quartz powder content burn out the toilet is heavier, more sealed solid body will! So buy closestool directly see not the bottom of the glazing color more white more white quartz powder content, higher costs, quality even better!

4, look at water, hear the thrum clear button

why everyone says brand toilet is good, is the key reason why brand toilet water of good quality! This common closestool is can't do, because the cost difference! Many people have experienced when using the toilet water tank is not the pain of the water is really heart! Check the water of the method is very simple, one click directly to the end, to see it pop up voice, voice more brittle explain quality more good!

five, than the price, a few hundred pieces of toilet, do not have to consider the

the last advice to you is that buying closestool don't keen on gaining petty advantages! Hundreds of pieces of toilet either quality or glaze is too bad! Especially the 399, 499 online! The toilet is not so cheap, with good is really earn! My suggestion is that one thousand yuan of the following do not consider toilet! It is really annoyed or buy bad products.

Appollo sanitary toilet USES the high quality green clay raw materials, imported glaze and high quality hardware, more innovation, by using unique nanometer self-cleaning glaze + high smooth glaze technology, double glazing, the glaze thick, product surface level off is smooth, colour and lustre is glittering and translucent jade, porcelain and delicate, the dirt is not easy to echo and easy to clean, is like new. Detail is the key to quality assurance. Ceramic sanitary ware products, Appollo after high temperature firing, glaze hardness, self-cleaning function with product life, the pipe glazing, make the pipe inner surface smooth level off, enhance the capacity of sewage, don't hang dirt does not hide the dirt, clean and convenient, save water water saving more.
high quality material and fine craft is the base of support good sanitary ware, Appollo has been sticking to the sanitary ware that intensive cultivation, the beautiful and durable high quality toilet into homes, the sanitary ware that Appollo way, for more customers to provide quality product that defend bath, swimming in the health bath life.
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