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The 'wheels' of shower room how to reasonable maintenance? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
Shower room is important maintenance accessories pulley, slider, like Benz, BMW to four-wheel maintenance on a regular basis, is a must. So how to properly maintain work? Here is to explain for everybody how shower pulley of the maintenance! Daily maintenance in daily use, pay attention to the pulley and the slider have abnormal sound, push the anomalies such as shake handshandle feeling heavy, should check if there is a foreign body or slide orbit, should keep clear of in time; Or is the self-contained loosened cause displacement, can also cause problem such as push and pull not smooth, the noise big, should be timely check troubleshooting problems; As we can't solve, should contact the professional brand after-sales service department. Regular maintenance on a regular basis pulley, slide, rail and sliding block of the cleaning and maintenance. Six months after a shower room is in use, should be every month for shower pulley, slider, track and track on a clean and remove dirt material work, keep them clean; Check whether the self-contained silk loose pulley, slider, ensure that the initial installation no shift; After the above work, still need the track, track and trace lubricant, keep the pulley surface lubrication degree on the surface of the nylon plastic, slider, reduce wear and tear. Check whether the pulley permeability oil bearing is the key factor that decide the service life of the pulley; Now on the market of the pulley is carbon steel, copper, stainless steel bearing 304 more, easy oil leakage, the service life of only up to 2 years; Only use fully enclosed 304 stainless steel bearing pulley, can guarantee the bearing of lubricating oil leakage. If discover to there is oil leakage phenomenon, pulley should contact the professional brand after-sales service department to replace the pulley, to prevent the damage to the shower room products have a more.
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