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The working principle of energy saving shower is really about? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
As people living standard improving, at the same time, society also advocates energy conservation, environmental protection, as the earth's inhabitants and we also have a hand, so more and more people begin to use water-saving shower. But many people are actually do not know how it is energy saving, what is working principle. Then together with the small make up to know about the shower room. As we all know, if the direct impact to the water body is very uncomfortable, in the shower, a direct hit from a large water may harm the facial features not only eyes, also because the temperature of the water does not meet certain area of heat dissipation and cause the body uncomfortable, and the design of the flower is aspersed is completely avoid the occurrence of the above situation, especially the emergence of water-saving shower, not only to make people comfortable to shower, and more saving water, but how the working principle of water-saving shower, take a look at the following introduction: the working principle of water-saving shower 1, when we were in the use of flower is aspersed, the water will enter the flower is aspersed device in the nozzle base, this time, the flower is aspersed three wings of the accelerator would flow into the water to form a relatively choice effect, in order to increase the speed of water flow and water momentum, the last water will directly enter a restricted channel, to limit the drains in the mixture of air and water can be increased to 10 times more oxygen, so that to reach the function of a water-saving. 2, in the shower, open the flower is aspersed, cold water and hot water into the mix water valve at the same time, between the flower is aspersed after charging, so that it can ensure the temperature of the hot and cold water mixing and water yield and water temperature reached a stable point balance, to ensure that in the process of the shower, won't appear the condition of the hot and cold water. 3, generally we use pressurization current-limiting showers are intelligence, he can according to the size of the flow into the water pressure to automatically adjust the area of water, namely when entering the water flow pressure small his entering the area is big, so you can be the flower is aspersed flow to achieve a balance, can not only saving water can also be pressurized.
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