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These things don't in the bathroom? A lot of people don't know! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Bathroom sink, bathtub, toilet, this is very common, conditional isolated take bath, shower and the dry wet depart. Even when decorating, do healthy separation, but placed in the process of using and cleaning is the most important, detail beat health, decorate toilet how so is right, how to avoid the mistake operation of toilet, we discuss the next ~ towel, towel, toothbrush every day use, we will naturally in the toilet inside. Everything is the right thing as far as possible away from the toilet, clean towels daily exposure, paper towel covered up the tissue box, toothbrush can receive into lockers. Every time they flush the toilet, spilling out a large number of bacteria, it is easy to adhere to the exposure of the item, think are very dirty. Suggestions don't use the toilet mat, it is easy to breed bacteria culture of bacteria to a lot of people in the bathroom toilet, dressing, habitually put cosmetics are also inside. To take a bath, high temperature and high humidity environment, it's easy to make cosmetics metamorphism. Cosmetics rich nutrition, itself is the place where nourishes the bacteria. Can do a makeup area alone, from the bathroom. Washes the bath, bath towel, wet mop is often hung on the side, in hot and humid environment, the toilet is very easy to be polluted. When the sun is shining, get some sun, sun into the taste of sunshine ~ basket became the standard of the toilet, garbage in it is the cradle of the bacteria, when the weather is hot, there will be unpleasant taste. Advice to choose cover paper basket, frequently taking out the trash. Many people like to play in the toilet when phone, read a book, these friends to be careful of constipation and hemorrhoids oh ~ hope you maintain good ventilation and lighting, toilet regularly clean the sink and toilet, the floor, clean the toilet with health.
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