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by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
The family is decorated in, bathroom decoration is really one of the most complex tedious decoration, a lot of detail problems if not considerate, will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Especially for water and electricity, one not careful, could be rework redo, laborious. Avoid regret, let small make up poke poke bathroom decorate should pay attention to the details. Bathroom decorate detail skills bathroom decorate construction details from several aspects, threshold, waterproof, floor tile, metope, floor drain, circuit is the key part, must be more careful. 1. Wei yu threshold threshold of construction techniques in the bathroom to play the role of a waterproof and differentiate space, threshold on the plane to go to bathroom during the construction of the medial tilt, taking the moisture can be smoothly into floor drain inside the bathroom. At the same time, also and frame are the same as wide, and frame must be the same and the wall thickness, so are very effective in preventing breach. 2. Ground water is very important now that defend bath the ground waterproof materials mainly waterproofing agent on the market. In the bath when the waterproof layer to spread to the foundation laid more than 20 cm, the height of the waterproof layer cannot be lower than the threshold level. Floor reserved line, waterproof layer to keep the reserved pipe. Waterproof layer after well and dry, shall be immediately to cement mortar, waterproof layer to prevent breakage. 3. Laying floor tile details should pay attention to when laying floor tile floor tile seam thickness is consistent, and alignment and wall brick juncture; Floor tile should have drainage slope, if installed in the bathroom bath, bath crock of the former must use brick wall ceramic tile, floor tile is best to stick to the bottom of the wall first, and then to stick wall brick, lest produce crevasse. 4. Sanitary ware circuit laying details should be hung tin wire tapping between wei yu, and successively with waterproof tape and insulating tape to tie up, prevent leakage. All wires must be set on fire tube body, switch and outlet had better have moistureproof box, or installed in a dry area. 5. Bathroom wall tile details before the wall tile also should be moistureproof and waterproof, shall be provided to the wall tile is flat and level, and must be seam and floor tile, alignment, ensure the whole metope and ground. 6. Bathroom floor drain construction details bridal chamber when making a room drainage hole is compared commonly big, this requires attention to drainage hole, make its and buy back of floor drain. In order to prevent, mud, sand and other debris into the hair, repair floor drain hole aperture of grating should be controlled in 6 - Between 8 mm.
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