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This design of high-end shower room, can instantly make you forget trouble! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Tired after work, take a shower is a great joy to relax, between wei yu to install shower room is not a new concept, its convenience and the overall weight of luxury minimalist style make the popular trend and strong. Compared to other bathing necessity the high cost of maintenance, the shower room is obviously better. The sensual pleasure of men into the design, let a person forget the troubles of life! Even in use process, do not need to worry about long-term shower room will rust in the damp mildewy, after shower room manufacturers, there are special handling of woodiness ground mildew proof and waterproof properties, such as hardware frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, strong ability of rust. Brak 901, Bob's series is a model of partial and overall elements in photograph echo, is based on the hardware and the substrate in the space in a way, again this is cubism; According to the French one of the founders of modern painting master cubist paintings, for the combination of space and personality, has brought the rare harmonious colour and any of his peers are powerless and elegant and fluent line, the element itself resolve or draw a whole, will show the different space and the beauty of the surrounding elements. Cuny's series hardware imported SUS304 stainless steel; Use aluminum alloy substrate; Rod glass clamp with 20 mm * 20 mm square tube welding and become, unique design. Water retaining DAMS under type profile is solved the difficult problem of flat open door Angle is leaking, match with door return flow water chute, waterproof properties is better, it is more convenient to clean. Solid at the bottom of the glass to cancel the old manger aluminum, use real heart wood block water. More transparent and bright. T flush door bottom strip, bottom rail mounted sealing strip, wall clip strip with bubbles wall, door and the main solid glass with the organ strip.
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