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This is why each shower room profiles installation does not do it on the top of the reason why -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
When we were in the use of shower room, will find that shower room profiles are generally not to installation, the bathroom shower partition 2 meters in height are meet the partition functions. So, why to be like this design? Below, by the shower room to tell you. 1, do, the more complex as a whole, the visual impact of toilet. Actually in indoor installation shower room, mainly focuses on its partition function, prevent shower water splash, thus ensuring the bathroom clean and tidy, highly - in 1900 2000 can satisfy the function. 2, caused by water vapor concentration is high, adverse to human body, bath is inherently more stuffy, especially older people can't stand it! 3, shower panel, no matter choose what kind of door, door according to the proportion of making, do too must add double, solid and add fixed glass top and facade create complex, mixed and disorderly, profile and glass quantity increase, increase the total price. 4, the whole sealing of shower panel, need to install inside toilet exhaust fan, ceiling more cluttered, damage the overall appearance of toilet. Finally, shower room profile if you want to create a better separating effect, in addition to height, detail such as the edge of the glass of shower room, outlet, also want to good seal processing, can better guarantee the water not overflow, truly 'dry wet depart.
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