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by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Today, the use of toughened glass shower room, has not surprising. Manufacturers have to the use of toughened glass shower room on a large scale, because of toughened glass had the characteristics of common glass does not have, to a certain extent, to ensure the safety of users. As is known to all, when tempered glass to meet certain pressure explosion, debris will form an obtuse Angle honeycomb-like scrawled particles, smaller to the harm of human body. However, in the shower room USES toughened glass still is not a solution, because in the particular conditions, toughened glass since the explosion happens. According to the small make up to know, in the international scope, toughened glass is allowed to three over one thousand of the explosive rate. That is to say, in the process of consumers that wash bath, toughened glass on a certain piece of pressure or possible explosion, it brought great hidden trouble to the safety of the consumer. In recent years, many experts are looking for the solution. So, is there a way to, can let the explosion hazards of toughened glass fell to the lowest? The answer is to use the glass tint. Why do you say so? One hundred percent since we can't avoid toughened glass from the critical situation, from after the explosion, the situation of glass explosion-proof membrane paste on the toughened glass of shower room, makes the glass after the explosion of clastic bonding in the original position, also can be safely removed, rather than scattered, bring harm to consumers. It is this principle, makes the glass explosion-proof membrane become on the market to be bestowed favor on newly gradually, provides a more likely shower room manufacturer. Because the brand shower room USES the toughened glass and glass explosion-proof membrane both security measures, combination, and such attack, makes the general consumers to the brand of shower products. For enterprises, ensure the safety of consumers is one aspect of consumer interests, and brand new measures, shower room for shower room market will undoubtedly bring a fresh wind, let everyone perceived good product with special experience, and has a high quality of life.
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