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Those silent match with shower room hardware accessories, one cannot be missing! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
A successful bathroom decoration, in the corner, on the walls, and even decorate rendering them, they and the collocation of shower room, has played an indispensable role, they are hardware accessories. Below for everyone to explain those humble hardware widget. Series of eight piece combination, including products: bath towel rack, double towel rod, hook, triangle shelf. The next step is detailed. Towel bar towel bar size is 500 * 120 mm, good towel rod material generally choose H59 brass, and the surface is treated with bright chrome, with perfect welding process. Double double pole design can dry towel quantity, at the same time also can cross bar drying towels, towels more ventilated dry faster. Base coating using PVD plated, wear resistance, never fade. Towel rod used to hang towel, generally installed on both sides of the basin, 50 cm from mesa. If you need more than hang a towel, towel bar length can choose, or choose double pole, reach the role of norms and orderly bathroom towel, suggest installation height from the ground 150 - Between 155 cm. Bath towel bath towel bar size is about 600 * 215 * 110 mm, choose H59 brass material, surface plating layer, smooth as a mirror, smooth as silk. The bath towel shelf on the market generally USES the perfect welding process, welding points are all made from silver 38% silver electrode welding, mechanical performance is good and no arc radiation. Bath towel rack is mainly used to put clean clothes or towels, if in a bath crock upper part, suggest installation height 175 cm from bath crock bottom - 180cm; If the height can be 170 - elsewhere 175 cm, with the highest standard of human in the family members, so as not to hit the head. Triangle shelf to shelf is also called the shower room shelf, generally divided into the inner frame and the outer, built-in shelf products suitable for put some daily use in the shower, outside of the frame can generally put the clothes and things like that, for all sorts of use after the shower. With an average of 304 stainless steel and tempered glass shelf, has the very good performance, can meet the daily needs of the consumers.
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