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To avoid misunderstanding of choose and buy, the new shower room glass as thick as possible? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
In recent years, glass shower room frequent bombings. Wrong choice quality closes nevertheless shower room and the wrong method of use it is the leading cause of accidents, some of which may then you is how the new glass shower room? I think a lot of friends all don't know, then the next small make up to tell you the glass of shower room. How to self-check the new glass before installing the shower room, shower room whether can pay close attention to the glass of shower room has 3 c certification marks, can be seen from the details if it is tempered glass. Want to avoid the happening of the accident, should first when buying shower room, choose regular professional brand, and carefully check if the producer name and address and certificate, etc. , product quality and construction craft of produce by normal manufacturer is more assured. New shower room glass proper maintenance method to prolong the service life of glass shower room, in addition to know how to clean the glass shower room, also need to know the glass shower room maintenance method. First, do not use corrosive detergent to clean the glass of shower room. Secondly, if there is a scratch on the glass of shower room, can use 1500 # water sand paper wiped gently scratch until the scratch is smooth, then gently wipe with a soft cloth to wipe. The most simple shower room cleaning method first, for shallow and small stains, we can use salt and vinegar mixture, and then use the mixture to remove. Secondly, can also go to the supermarket to buy a glass cleaning fluid to clean, if it is stubborn stains, can borrow your toothbrush tools such as cleaning. And then rinse clean with warm water. Finally, if simply remove the glass of water damage, only need to prepare a glass scraper can easily shave off the glass of water damage, don't bother or effort.
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