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To choose and buy quality shower room is the most reliable method

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
Since the introduction of domestic shower room, its with elegant noble temperament, concise and beautiful appearance and quickly wet partition function to capture the heart of many consumers. As the shower room market demand more and more big, began in short supply, many manufacturers come out, which has bad manufacturer, with many inferior shower room into the market, leading to the shower room are of variable quality of the market. So how to choose the high quality shower room? The following followed ten big brand shower room - — Shower room to see, what are the standard is can be a reference when shower room of choose and buy. A, how to choose the material of shower room material can determine the quality and safety factor of shower room, so we in the choose and buy when, pay more attention to the following aspects: 1. Shower room skeleton material: as the name implies, is a fixed point of toughened glass weight, such as human bones. Skeleton and got a shower room can make, just depends on its thickness and hardness of the material. Now in the market a lot of shower room frame is aluminum titanium alloy, thickness is 1. More than 5 mm, provide on the rail deformation. So you can press hard a hard, if it is qualified aluminum hardness, it is hard to be hand pressure to deformation; 2. Shower room frame details: do not think that some of the details can be ignored, often these details of processing method can perfectly reflect the product is manufactured by heart, so when the choose and buy, can pay attention to the aluminum surface finish status, presence of chromatic aberration, etc. 3. Shower room theme material: the main body of shower room basically is toughened glass, and observation of toughened glass, want to consider, from the Angle of the security and the durable fence to choose toughened glass products. Must pay attention to when choose toughened glass: general unqualified toughened glass is miscellaneous points and foaming, and these defects to cause a decline in the strength and hardness of toughened glass, which directly affect the service life. According to the national standard, the every 50 * 50 mm area of toughened glass quantity must reach more than 40 grain security, so to ensure that even one thousand blowout, also won't hurt. Second, how to choose the shower room door way 1. Slide rail type: slide rail type of shower room is chassis and top with slippery course, embedded in the slippery course door sliding back and forth in the opening and closing. Slippery course to it is best to pick up 304 stainless steel, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, heavy rail is not easy to deformation. Second, the size of the pulley to want and orbital 'match', small aperture is not easy to fall off. Because the body is glass, and fall off if trauma is very dangerous; 2. Hinge type: now more high-end shower room is upgraded to hinge type doors, not only overcame the slide rail type easy to fouling and plugging, the noise big shortcoming, simplifies the appearance at the same time, make shower room look more fluent and concise. Because want to take the weight of the glass door hinge, so it is best to copper electroplating hinge and stainless steel hinge, these two kinds of material of the hinge bearing force, corrosion resistance wall, use rise more safe and more durable. Three, how to choose the appearance style of shower room shower room has a circular arc, right Angle type and a type of the three shapes, and the circular arc and right-angle shower room is more suitable for larger area, close to the square of toilet; And one word of shower room is compared with the former two kinds of shower room is more save a space, can put in a rectangle and irregular shape or a small family toilet.
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