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To new lives well, shower fittings cannot little!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-28
Shower fittings should be toilet is one of the important sanitary ware products, with the improvement of modern family life level, the way we bath from the flower is aspersed to shower room and bath crock, have been continuously reform progress. And we also according to the size of the domestic space, to choose different way of bath and appliance, choose suitable for their own is the best.

the emergence of the flower is aspersed let our bath process more comfortable good convenient, warm water after a shower to play in the body, wash to the exhaustion of a day. Shower shower nozzle must choose good quality, so comfortable, use safe. Appollo shower set mobile, head, three models into an organic whole, posture, a variety of installation position and spray Angle, have cleansing, massage effect.

now installed in the space that defend bath shower room in the home has been more and more, shower room is not only the space utilization rate is low, and the whole toilet environment beautiful and easy. Appollo shower room style diversity, design is novel, can be divided into independent space that wash bath. Residential toilet and bathroom together, mostly to install shower room is a reasonable choice. The space is little, in some domestic toilet no bathtub, shower room can save a lot of space.

every day can be at home in the bath bubble bath, for everyone to relax is a special things, especially in the winter, bubble is covered in the warm bed, simply not too bright. Delicate little friend can add some oil in the water, such as petals keeps the skin; Families with children, can let the child fall in love with a bath in a bathtub, and even play up, close the distance between parents and children.

Appollo sanitary ware, set product design, development, production, marketing, service as one of the professional sanitary ware brand wisdom, production category including bathroom cabinet, shower room, ceramic toilet, intelligent toilet, bathroom hardware such as whole series of products, is committed to building intelligent, comfortable, environmental protection, healthy, high quality sanitary ware. Now the hot investment, we sincerely invite to join in!
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