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To save time save trouble! Shower room cleaning method used to get twice the result with half the effort effect

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
After a day of travel, back home in the shower room wash the exhaustion of a can get fully relaxed. But because of frequent use, accumulate over a long period, the stain will remain a variety of shower room, cause a harm to human body is very easy to produce bacteria, and affect its beautiful, so in the use of shower room should be paid attention to during the routine cleaning and maintenance of shower room. In fact, in life there are many small tips can solve the problem of shower room is clean, according to the cleaning and maintenance of shower room, we can be divided into internal and external cleaning, when clean can choose to buy special cleaning products, also can use a few tips to achieve clean effect. 1 if there is no specific home detergent, shampoo, preferable less than shampoo into the basin, stir well then put down the clean dishcloth wet, then wipe, finally rinse until no slippery feel. Such not only can keep the vitreous door of shower room is clean and bright, also can avoid to use detergent residues smell affect human health. 2, chalk ash water believes that many people don't know, originally the chalk ash water also helps to clean effect. This way is very simple, first of all on the glass door with chalk ash water beforehand, and then wait for its dry, finally is directly used for cleansing. 3, white vinegar, vinegar with water clean sterilization effect, and this effect can also be applied to shower room, in a clean, shower room after half vinegar and half water to make, sprayed onto the glass of shower room, finally wipe gently with the abandoned old newspapers. 4, choose shower room glass shower room is the biggest characteristic is no contamination, easy to clean, yellowing resistance, green environmental protection and so on, has the strong hydrophobicity, creating a super fun easy clean huo effects, do not touch water mist, whether prior to or after the shower, shower can enjoy the pure happiness.
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