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To tell you how the basin that wash a face to do maintenance

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-05
Between sanitary ware is generally not wash basin, the basin that wash a face, though not, as some precious furniture is as hard to maintain, but in the process of using certain cleaning maintenance is needed to make it. Then the basin that wash a face should be how to cleaning and maintenance, maintenance from time to tome what matters?

1, ceramic basin, cleaning maintenance

ceramic basin that wash a face for a long time to use, easy to accumulate dirt, can use slice of lemon, scrub the surface of the basin that wash a face, for a minute and then rinse with water, can become shining. If the stain is stubborn, can use safe bleaching, water erosion in the basin that wash a face for 20 minutes, with a towel or sponge after washing, then wash clean.

2, glass basin cleaning maintenance

clean glass basin that wash a face cannot use boiled water, microfiber cloth, steel brush, strong alkaline detergent, hard edge tool, etc. It is recommended to use pure cotton cloth, neutral detergent, decorate how cheaper? On the home network, free design budget quotation. Clean glass of clean water and so on, so as to keep lasting bright as new.

2, face basin of stainless steel cleaning maintenance

just slightly wipe clean with clear water or detergent etc, can be clean as new.

4, man-made stone basin that wash a face clean maintenance

artificial stone and ceramics, relative to bear or endure dirty, clear water and cloth cleansing.

5, the basin that wash a face clean maintenance note

1, embedded under the basin that wash a face clean: pay attention to the table below with the basin that wash a face clean corner part of the interface.

2, pay attention to protect: the basin that wash a face to put right and proper use, to prevent the basin that wash a face as a handrail or place heavy objects, or even sitting on the basin that wash a face, with hard objects or heavy impact basin, basin loss, damage, etc.

3, old silk stockings makes the faucet and brighter: the old silk stockings female twist dry, water will be the root of the faucet, friction around several times, can remove even wash sponge don't or hair cut part. Serious smudgy parts, was on route can bright clean like new.

4, toilet paper roll to remove drain stick-slip: clean lavatory drain, using the toilet paper roll, Jane, good size. In the third side cut long, oblique 3 - Rotating back and forth 4 knife, inserted into the drain. Rolling wave Jane knife can remove dirt or slip through the inside of the drain.
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