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Toilet is ceramic tile of choose and buy must pay attention to the five items -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Many of the owners in the bathroom decorate, will certainly to choose ceramic tile of toilet have a headache, and there are so many model, don't know to choose which good. Actually for the toilet water diffuses, install a shower room can not only solve the problem of dry wet depart, ceramic tile should choose waterproof non-slip, so when choosing a ceramic tile what skills are needed? What are the precautions for bathroom tiles to pick one, choose and buy material is given priority to with waterproof non-slip must use the bathroom wall waterproof and anticorrosive and mildew resistant ceramic tile; Floor tile must be waterproof non-slip, suggested that choose to prevent slippery floor tile with what have raised figure. Two, see if ceramic tile ceramic tile of smoothness of the flatness is not good, so when in use to late case become warped, very trouble to change. A, ceramic tile is the cause of case become warped, itself is not level off, the second, bad workmanship during installation. Three, look at the edges straight degree of the high quality of ceramic tile ceramic tile is almost seamless, if ceramic tile edge horn is not a right Angle, then the gaps between the tile and ceramic tile will be very big, so have to use the jointing agent to tick off seam, waste of money, effort, at the same time, make effect also is very ugly. Four, see the fouling resistance of ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop is good generally don't move, so than the need to select the fouling resistance, durable products, or 3, 4 years will cause the entire toilet dirty, extreme effect the beauty of the whole. Five, see the wear-resisting degree of ceramic tile ceramic tile surface shadow-strewn very affect beautiful, broken heavy stick obviously unrealistic, so wear resistance is very important. We need to do a wear test is simple: pick up the side notch (you can use any Or keys, hair clasp) And to the surface and see if will scrape off the surface of the glaze layer, can judge the quality of ceramic tile.
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