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Toughened glass how to choose and buy quality explosion-proof? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Shower room product design is beautiful and easy, strong water tightness, distinguish between wet and dry area, keep warm, flexible and convenient use, etc. With the continuous development of human society, the acceleration of the pace of life, the requirement of people's life level unceasing enhancement, the modern shower clean is not just a way, is also a kind of let tired body and mind relaxing way. Toughened glass shower room is one of the most important part, so how to choose and to the quality of tempered glass? 1, divided into common glass and hot bending glass, tempered glass, toughened glass, toughened glass and laminated glass completely, in the choice of shower room, in order to ensure consumer safety when using, must be strictly using full toughened glass. At present USES fully tempered glass manufacturer in the domestic market is not much, only a few manufacturers use full toughened glass shower room, shower room, for example. 2, toughened glass must be completely through the national 3 c certification, excellent manufacturers can adopt more reach European BS6206 standard grade automotive safety glass, the certification marks will heat treatment using silk-screen label on the glass to facilitate customer recognition, but cheap products are usually adopts viscose sticker label on the product, often deceive consumers. 3, full toughened glass is good or bad depends on the raw glass manufacturers and production quality, good production factory production of glass glass less impurity, appear a sense of strong, glass smoothness is high, feel is smooth, there will be no water or uneven phenomenon. Consumers can I take a shower room manufacturers to provide supporting documents to identify the origin of the glass. So suggest that consumers in the choose and buy shower room, must strengthen the identification ability, more listen to the introduction of professionals, but also to experience personally the quality of the products. It also may require manufacturers to provide the quality of the relevant certificates and documents, to verify the quality of the products.
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