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Toughened glass shower room as explosion-proof membrane how important? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Believe that used the friends all know its benefits of shower room and bath. With the reform and development, shower room shower room now got more comprehensive perfect in every way. However, no matter before or now, for shower room is still the most important part of the toughened glass, if the quality is unqualified, explosive injury accident will have a chance, but also will cause harm to human body, the security problem to be reckoned with! Though the glass shower room there is three over one thousand of the explosive possibility, but this does not mean that consumers cannot avoid the dangers of explosive, the most direct way is labeled as a toughened glass explosion-proof membrane, so that even if the shower room since the explosion accident happened can also prevent glass flying and wounding, fundamentally avoids the glass damage to human body. Explosion-proof membrane when the choose and buy, be sure to try to pick through the international association of diaphragm certification, to have qualified explosion-proof membrane production safety film. Some of the main components in PVC inferior sticker, not only when the accident happened no protective effect, but also contain toxic substances, long-term use can produce chronic damage. Then shower room when the choose and buy, how to distinguish between use toughened glass? Shower room in this recommendation, the choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to the producer name and address and certificate of approval, toughened glass must have laser printing on the 3 c certification marks, on the basis of these to select products, never showed, otherwise suffer tend to be yourself. When the choose and buy, we can also use a hand to knock toughened glass, if make clear sound, it means that is tempered glass and correct; On the other hand, is common glass, don't choose this product.
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