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Toughened glass shower room how to choose and buy? Toughened glass shower room maintenance -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Why do you say it is very important to choose material shower room? Now a lot of news broadcast a glass shower room explosion, many consumer attention. Generally use is toughened glass shower room, but some of the individual brand of toughened glass and common glass is almost not up to standard on the quality, so consumers should learn how to distinguish authenticity of toughened glass, or check to see if the qualified certificate, but not all the glass shower room explosion is associated with glass nature, it could also be caused by external forces. Or the improper use or installation of large temperature difference and so on could lead to a broken glass, shower room manufacturer to tell you what toughened glass of choose and buy and maintenance methods. Toughened glass shower room of choose and buy skills now believe that many consumers all have a lot of questions, how to choose and buy glass shower room? Because they are not familiar with materials, and how to identify true bogus toughened glass. Shower room advocate material for toughened glass, toughened glass quality differences. Authentic toughened glass carefully look at patterns have loomed, toughened glass and common glass differentiate actually very simple, you can gently knock once, listen to the voice of toughened glass and common glass, toughened glass more ringing voice, the voice of the common glass is frowsty, toughened glass is commonly see glass have 3 c certification marks, this is the simplest and most direct way, or with a key in toughened glass surface scratch is not easy to draw the scratch is also a good way, shower room factory is recommended to use toughened glass + explosion-proof membrane. Toughened glass shower room cleaning and maintenance in the daily cleaning and maintenance of toughened glass shower room you just need to use soft cadres. If there is dirt can use neutral cleanser, if the above methods can not be cleaned, use alcohol to clean. Remember not to hit the glass surface with sharp objects, or it will easily damaged, for you use safety has some problems in the future, we need regular cleaning and maintenance, it can extend the deadline for shower room, if good quality generally can be used 5 years or so have no questions, and general quality shower room can use about 1 - 3 years or so there is a lot of problem, so need to pay attention to when choose the brand and materials.
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