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Toughened glass shower room maintenance need to pay attention to what issues? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-27
Shower room has become home 'regulars', its a unit composed of toughened glass and aluminum body. And shower room, the choose and buy is focused on the quality of tempered glass. Why use toughened glass shower room and not use common glass? Because of toughened glass than common glass has higher toughness and resistance to bending and characteristics of safety performance, compared with common glass is more suitable for use in the shower room. Although toughened glass is a steel processing, but essentially it is glass, so our daily use undeserved is easily broken, then how to maintain in everyday? Toughened glass shower room maintenance note 1, at ordinary times attention more to protect the corners of toughened glass tempered glass edge part is the most vulnerable, we should focus on daily protection. If the edge part of toughened glass is broken, it can increase the explosive risk of toughened glass. Because of toughened glass they all concentrated in the corners, edges of protection is particularly important, so if I found edge horn is broken, should ask professional personage to the door to see immediately and stop using. 2, when used to avoid cold hot uneven if the ends of the toughened glass in a bear high temperature and low temperature conditions at the same time, the toughened glass explosive possibility is very large. So we at the time of use, don't put the water suddenly open too big, and very low, so for the effect of toughened glass is very big. 3, avoid contact with acid and alkali substances do not come into contact with the sodium hydroxide (toughened glass NaOH caustic soda) Such as alkaline substances and hydrofluoric acid ( HF) , the glass is essentially a silica ( SiO2) And will react more substances. 4, do not use sharp objects on the glass edges because of toughened glass they concentrated in the corners, and if the marginal once broken, the whole piece of tempered glass increased fracture risk, just like the glass on the bus. So for the sake of the family and their own safety at ordinary times should avoid sharp objects near the shower room.
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