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Transparent shower room how to maintenance can prolong the service life of aluminum alloy framework? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Nowadays, shower room has become one of the most common bathing necessity in our daily life. It gives us the various benefits of the life that defend bath, believe that these are obvious in our daily life, even once instead of bath crock become one of the most popular large bathing necessity. So how to maintain framework to extend the service life of aluminum shower room? Electrostatic spraying aluminum alloy frame maintenance of electrostatic spraying class refers to the aluminum alloy framework, bone color, blue, yellow, white, red, purple, such as solid coating aluminum frame. Such products in the first place to avoid direct sunlight and air, sunlight because material and base powder will photosensitive resin, lead to spray coating fades. Second corrosive liquid or corrosive substances shall not be used to wipe transparent shower room frame; Surface rough materials shall not be used to wipe; Without a sharp object to grind the border. If transparent shower room surface with besmirch, can choose to use neutral detergent and water to wipe. Oxidation coloring aluminum frame maintenance oxidation coloring class of surface colouring of aluminum alloy framework refers to the aluminum alloy frame, such as gold, silver, silver or silver wire drawing. These products relative to electrostatic coating product is not easy to fade, but the hardness is poorer, wipe the surface with rough material so special difficulties, do not use sharp objects surface characterization. Shower room maintenance skills if aluminum surface if there is a stain, neutral detergent and water can be used to wipe. Do not use common rain-water and washing powder, and can't use detergent, such as the household cleanser and toilet essence, acid, alkali, salt and other substances is strictly prohibited. Tips to choose the shower room shower room must not covet is cheap. Must buy clearly marked with detailed address and name of the manufacturer, production goods product certification. Most consumers prefer translucent shower room, the product itself and ornamental and beauty, but also has the traditional consumers, like fabric type shower room, look be like cloth is monotonous, but not transparent, is the biggest benefit of using the toilet at the same time.
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