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Two private life space, advocate lie alone who can design on -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Building construction design, basic it is advocate lie second lie, and advocate lie generally have their own independent design between wei yu, better highlights the Chinese traditional house master status, also meet many people in two or three generations live together now, life couple illicit close space, when the area of a limited number of owners will be entangled with a question, when decorate should advocate lie exactly with the toilet? General design in the master bedroom bathroom has a distinct wei and dark, if is bright defending so still can consider, if dark who never considered. Why do you say, please listen to shower house science for you. Advocate lie with the advantages of toilet 1: don't have to line up the toilet, a lot of families in the morning after getting up, are among the best thing to do is to rob the toilet. This is not a joke, children go to school, young people had to work and home are in a hurry, and toilet is bigger, so more than one toilet is a good thing. The advantages of the master bedroom with bathroom 2: have more private space, the whole family to share the most direct consequence of toilet, toilet is really only used to go to the bathroom and take a shower. In, after rates later said certainly don't think so. The master bedroom with bathroom there is a certain private space, even if three generations, can also have a couple of illicit close space. 3: now two who model is the mainstream. 100 more than 60% of houses have double toilet basically. And young people like it, too. Advocate lie toilet not only convenient, but also conforms to now the concept of urban life. The disadvantage of the master bedroom with bathroom 1: the smell is inevitable, the master bedroom with bathroom will surely have a taste. Even if don't have to go to the toilet, just have a bath, then also exist the wet mildew flavour. And more than a toilet in the home, clean up is very troublesome. 2: unable to reform, some say, I can buy it. Foshan shower room manufacturer can tell you responsibly that absolutely impossible. Developers is so of the design, even into the locker room, study. Pipe or the pipe. So somebody else in your head that what that what. When you are in reading, trying on clothes, so you can hear the upstairs water flush the toilet. So, buy later, bathroom toilet after all. 3: is small for most people, a lot of people just need to family, in particular, to buy a house fronted square meters, has three people, two bathrooms, there is no necessary. And married life will be more and more insipid, toilet, regularly to clean. Young man, lazy, failing to clean up, time is long, will not feel romantic, will only feel toilet encumbrance.
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