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Use opportunely bathroom decorate your bathroom hardware accessories

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-10
Toilet necessary sanitary hardware pendant is too much, a lot of people will feel very messy after installation; Everyone may have such question, the bathroom is small, how to install hardware accessories can let a space big? Yes, for the narrow space that defend bath, hardware accessories is good things, good can make toilet function more powerful, if let you install bathroom pendant, do you know how to install it? We teach you a few useful. Note the door way of choose and buy, many people like to choose sliding door, sliding door is relatively easy to bad, actually the best choice to open the door, safe and durable. Glass, must choose toughened glass, is not easy to bad, even burst, toughened glass broken after small particles are also without acute Angle, won't hurt people, of course, if for the sake of safety, can be in the shower screen after installation to stick on the automobile glass on the glass explosion-proof membrane is more safe. Hardware, first is the shower panel at the top of the metal rod, must choose strength of good quality stainless steel products, other hinge clamp, glass clamp, etc are also to stainless steel products. Bathroom hardware installation size standard bath towel rack: the main outside in a bathtub, about 1 from the ground. The height of 8 meters. Under the upper put bath towel, can hang a towel. Soap, soap ashtray: installed on the wall of the face plate on both sides, and dresser into a line. Can be combined with single or double crossover vehicle stand together. Soap network can also be mounted on the inner wall of the bathroom, bathed in order to go to the lavatory. Soap ashtrays in near the side of the toilet, more convenient and dust ash. Single shelf ( Makeup frame) : install over the face plate, the lower part of the cosmetic mirror. From the height of the wash basin with 30 centimeters advisable. Double shelf ( Makeup frame) : installed on the face plate of both sides. Hook: can be installed in the bathroom on the outside wall, the ground should be in 1. The height of seven meters. Used to hang the clothes in the bath. Use multiple hook together. Bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror installation height in 1. 3 meters, the height from 50 to 60 cm mirror. Glass frame corner: the main installation of the corner on the top of the washing machine, plane surface and the spacing of the washing machine with 35 centimeters advisable. Used to place such as washing powder, soap, detergent. Also can be installed on the corner of the room inside the kitchen, places the condiments such as oil and wine. Visual space combination to install multiple corner shelf. Bathtub according to install independent bath crock and the stage, independent bath crock is placed against the wall when the tap can match the wall out of the dark. Independent placed in general with the ground bath crock bibcock. On the cylinder of bath crock table width to 900 ㎜, bath crock bottom is apart from the ground 100 ㎜, height is 550 ㎜ bath, bath crock bibcock installation height is 750 ~ 850 ㎜ ( Dark outfit type) 。 Paper holder: installed in the toilet side, easy to reach with the hand, and is not obvious. General with 70 cm away from the wall from the ground and the height of 1 meter from ground height is advisable. Toilet brush cleaning: installed on the wall of the toilet back side, bottom about 10 cm from the ground. The owners have a personal preference on product installation, in accordance with the owner to the scene to determine the size shall prevail. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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