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Use shower room how important it is to make the toilet of dry wet depart effect? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Decorate a topic the wei yu that now already leave the dry wet depart, brand shower room also is very popular fashion design concept, the bathroom to do wet depart, can bring very much convenient and good for the family. Imagine that every time a bath to the toilet to get wet, everywhere is full of water, wet space in toilet stranded for a long time, not only lead to air pollution, still can make toilet bacterium, pose a threat to human health. So how important is it to dry wet depart? What are the advantages of good dry wet depart? 1, to do wet depart to make toilet looks more beautiful, make toilet more elegant atmosphere, but also his owner's life grade. Sink is generally placed outside the toilet, then use shower room into a separate bath room, in decorating a look better able to make some modelling, make toilet more 'tall'. 2, toilet can be kept dry and health status, for some will use the toilet of wooden bathroom cabinet, dry environment is able to extend the service life of bathroom ark, save a lot of unnecessary spending money oh! Most important, because it is wood bathroom ark, be affected with damp be affected with damp is easy to cause bacteria breeding, health is the most important thing. 3, make it reasonable and convenient toilet, shower, toilet, etc. At the same time. Some families population much more special, dad wanted to in a hurry to go to work in the morning, son to go to school in a hurry, using toilet time happens to the conflict. So at this time, if have the shower room to do wet depart of toilet, can take action in the bathroom at the same time, each other interference.
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