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Wei yu big profits, the correct way of using the toilet

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-29
Bathroom products market in the present more and more hot, and constantly engage in sanitary ware market, but want to know, to choose a good franchisees that defend bath is very important. So big profits, sanitary ware the correct way of using the toilet you know? Appollo defending bath of tell you.

1. Ordinary ceramic implement the correct use of the

one of implement is indispensable to the bathroom products, as consumers, how to purchase and install use implement correctly, we must spend idea. Choose a high quality and low price, and moderate style toilet, will bring pleasure to our lives, sweep away the unnecessary trouble. When buying a toilet should choose some good quality, have good credibility of the manufacturers of products, quality can at least. At the same time, they will be equipped with more professional installation workers on-site installation, dispense with the trouble we have installed. Ordinary implement after installation must first wash a few times more, residual sediment or foreign body, to prevent the pipe and pipeline.

2. Correct by pressing the flush button when strong water

the current domestic most ceramic toilet have the size of the file, its meaning is to let the user use the size of the file correctly, in the product under the premise of normal water, can save the water. If it is shit, please press the big gear, whereas the small gear, water-saving ceramics sit implement the water consumption is generally not more than 6 litres, small gear is generally not more than 4. 2 liters.

3. Cover the proper use of

ceramic implement at the time of use, the cover plate to put light off light, if it is a cushion cover, use after completion, let it fall slowly, avoid by all means hard quickly press down the cover plate.
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