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Wei yu news small factory closure brand defends bath product quality polarized abroad

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-17
Environmental protection storm swept through the traditional manufacturing industry, this year TaoWei industrial zone can be said to be the brunt of the circle of friends regularly of so-and-so idled plants closed news: guangdong province shall be ordered to make correction within one month of 5489 enterprises, initiate the penalty of 1608 enterprises, a fine of 9359. 90000 yuan, criminal detention, 156 people, accountability, 480;

alarming Numbers to let a person gasp, many viewers inner sigh: clearly ordered rectification can let the factory has a long memory, why use 'detained, rectification' so extreme violence? Is the small business driven, let the big brands to occupy market share? While looking at the cruel, not to let people's sympathy, but on second thought, is unqualified, not the compliance of small workshops to produce inferior product that defend bath, also to circulate on the market, make the black-money, endanger the safety of the user's bath, will understand this for strict on policy.

man buy meeting, intelligent closestool exchange twice is inferior product

spent several thousand dollars from fair to buy back the so-called 'smart' toilet, return again and again, still can't normal use, when consumer is more than the one Mr. Huang.

foshan sanitary ware enterprise production environmental protection overhaul sealed lead to product prices

as a domestic leading large foshan TaoWei region, in cultivating numerous large range sanitary ware brand at the same time, also feed a lot of small sanitary ware factory. All say 'lin2 zi3 da4 what bird all have,' foshan sanitary ware enterprises, unavoidably moth breeding industry, in order to protect consumers' rights and interests, and the image of 'foshan sanitary ware', foshan government through the opportunity of the reorganization of the environmental protection, with unqualified sanitary ware factory in the city are the 'purge'.

foshan ten policies for the sanitary ware enterprise during the subsidy amount exceeds 3 million!

foshan rectification, the cleaning is not for small businesses, but for 'considered the', 'shanzhai' enterprises, the small brand does not need to be afraid and tree. Bad performance of enterprise banned, rectification, good children natural reward. In order to reduce the burden of enterprises, reduce the production cost, foshan introduced 'Buddha ten' policy, only the first half of the year the government subsidies to the sanitary ware enterprise more than 3 million yuan!

rising star! Three or four line city into a hardcover bathroom key battleground during the first half of the

is not necessarily a symbol of good quality brand, international brand will slip; Small brands is not inferior appellation, speak in a quality company, regardless of its size scale of production, 'wei' is worthy of respect. Sanitary ware market is not saturated, brand concentration is not high, especially the intelligent direction prospects that defend bath, a lot of crossover into sanitary ware the enterprise of the industry, is also starting from the foundation. While now, committed to the research and development of science and technology, quality, small brands can also have a great future.

to go out! Taizhou intelligent toilet cover will export the United States for the first time

winning by quality products, no matter in any market, must get the love of consumers. 'Brand honest valuable, the quality price is higher! When domestic sanitary ware products abroad, foreign markets to see don't understand Chinese brand, the quality of good product is the standard. Taizhou sanitary ware manufacturers with advanced technology, superior quality, the domestic intelligent toilet sold to the United States, revenge, dozen face once went to Japan for toilet, showing goods!

environmental rectification is to can have a long-term future manufacturing industry, we have to 'want to jinshan yinshan, also want to hills and green'. Guangdong province and the largest industrial production areas, with strict environmental protection supervision policy in a short period of time cannot be presented to the public effect, but in the future, we will walk in a more blue sky.

backward technology, polluting enterprises, whatever its size, need to be banned. Because there is no social responsibility of enterprises, a don't pay attention to consumer experience, they just want to fish in troubled waters, while hot and scooped up a sanitary ware market. Good product, the positive innovation reform and are willing to bear the social responsibility of enterprises, government and consumers would give affirmation, reward.

that defend bath is close to the people of that part of the household life and competition with quality, made of genuine, time don't forget to humanistic care, is the sanitary ware market is running way!

( Source: China sanitary ware network)
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