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Wet weather to rule: use shower room makes the dry wet depart anti - bacteria breeding

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Only a year to, the weather gets wet, a man's whole house is wet, especially between wei yu. As you all know, there are thousands of bacteria between wei yu, clean water, not in time to some accidents happen, at the same time between wei yu is full mould bacteria, come down for a long time the body vulnerable to disease, shower room are for us to solve in daily life the demand for dry wet depart, but the use of shower room after a long time also need to clean and maintain, or do not clean aseptic regularly. Pulley of the selection of shower room is in use and maintenance of home inns plastic pulley, smooth application plus a small amount of oil can ensure the movement is smooth, easy to use, simple maintenance. If choose the metal pulley, in addition to the smooth oil are added into the pulley, the less number used in the cold weather, or when the use of public places less, will block part of the clean water treatment with a small amount of oil after curing. The maintenance of toughened glass for the maintenance method of toughened glass, I believe you already know about this, in addition to not use sharp objects hit or hit the glass surface, so as to avoid damage, still can't use the appearance of the corrosive liquid water scrub the glass, prevent damage on the surface of the shower room exterior, more do not use rough materials scrub the glass surface, lest produce scratches. Pulley in daily problems should be paid attention to in the application of in order to protect the integrity of shower room, should prevent collisions with door front, prevent door to fall, and pay attention to clean slide, pulley, slide on time, on a regular basis to add smooth agent, adjust the adjusting screw of the pulley, ensure the effective bearing and sliding door pulley for activities. Do not use a sharp object strikes or the appearance of the acrylic, prevent damage. Especially pay attention to don't use corrosive liquid scrubbing the shower room exterior, prevent damage appearance burnish, swab with coarse material table can produce more scratches, this also is not desirable, often clean may reduce the clutter of shower room.
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