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What are the advantages of labeled as explosion-proof membrane can shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
Shower room is more and more popular nowadays, many people at home will install an appropriate home use shower room. But explosive injury reports have become common shower room, so people want to be able to have a way to avoid it happen accident, so many people would put a layer of explosion-proof membrane. So what exactly is the purpose of explosion-proof membrane, below to find out together! 1, explosion-proof membrane has a strong clear viscose, even if broken the glass of shower room, still can make shards of glass stick together, won't make broken glass splash around, to avoid the possibility of a broken glass cause harm to human body. 2, explosion-proof membrane is a tearing resistance, resistance to penetrate the cool film, when the shower housing on a layer of 'bulletproof coat', so can make glass more tough and reliable, more security, also make the tempered glass more resistant to penetration is a very effective method to avoid explosive injury accident shower room. 3, solid acrylic wear-resistant coating on the shower housing explosion-proof membrane washable after long use, such as new. 4, unique construction adhesive layer, shower housing explosion-proof membrane to clean after use, keep the bathroom from the inside-out has good transparency and vision. 5, shower housing partition uv layer, explosion-proof membrane can block ultraviolet light thin film from uv damage, greatly reduce the room items, play, film fade, durable, clear and transparent. 6, ultra-thin metal coating, the sun's heat partition, partition glare, shower housing explosion-proof membrane greatly reduce bathroom items and play, fade, low energy consumption, Save money) To improve the comfort inside the bathroom.
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