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What are the important hardware accessories integrated shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Shower room hardware accessories seemingly small insignificant, but it is very important. It is in the installation of shower room plays a big role. Buy shower room, be sure to check complete clear whether installation requires hardware accessories, hardware accessories are complete, then we should be paid attention to when installing integrated shower room? Shower pulley shower room hardware by 59 # copper and 304 stainless steel. 59 # copper has good hardness and flexibility, and strong bearing capacity. Although the cost is high, but can guarantee the performance and service life of shower room. Surface will not appear black spots, blister, layered, suitable for long time use. 304 stainless steel is the best material of stainless steel, can be processed into mirror effect, and has strong metal texture. Followed by the glass shower room, it also depends on the quality of the framework. Good stainless steel to withstand 10 mm, 12 mm thick toughened glass. And good aluminum alloy can be used for grasping 8 mm thick glass. Stress difference frameworks are only subject to 5 mm, 6 mm thick glass, low security nature. In glass selection, auto level of toughened glass is superior, the surface is very transparent, no particles or pinhole, and there's a kind of easy clean huo glass, adhesion of water as the water stain, shower gel, etc. With particular slide. Pulley track know identification pulley track quality is also the skill of shower room of choose and buy, most late shower room is in use have problems, is caused by a pulley. The pulley of shower room is best to use stainless steel pulley, followed by the copper material, for alloy material, it is very easy to rust, after a long time is easy to fall. The quality of the pulley is not difficult to distinguish between, when buying, can oneself try, stainless steel push and pull will be more smooth, and relatively poor product experience is more poor.
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