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What are the specific structure and kind of shower room? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
What is the type and structure of shower room, for many consumers want to buy shower room may not be very understand, here, today small make up to write to you about it, so can let consumers to buy their contentment of shower room. First of all have toughened glass shower room, pulley or hinges, fittings or stents, roof cover plate and the base ( Simple type no) And so on several parts! So according to the feature points in the overall simple shower room and shower room; According to the design points corner shower room, one glyph on the bath screen, shower room and bath crock of circular arc form bath screen etc. According to the shape of the chassis square, circle, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped shower room, etc. ; According to the structure points and move the door, folding door, flat open shower room, etc. Simple shower room without 'roof', design is rich, its basic structure is at the bottom of basin or candy, candy or natural stone artificial stone bottom bottom bottom basin texture such as ceramics, acrylic, artificial stone, at the end of camp or bottom basin is installed on plastic or toughened glass shower room, toughened glass door with ordinary tempered glass, high quality toughened glass, water ripple of toughened glass and toughened glass cloth material. Some shower room USES the technology of arenaceous silver of gush arenaceous gold or gush, colour is showily. But normally, make transparent glass or represent most of users, if the other reason is toughened glass surface processing, can reduce the glass quality grades. If uneven glass glass is adopted to steel processing, in order to reduce the rejection rate, usually toughened factory cannot full toughened, when tempered instead semi-tempering processing, which has increased the risk of users.
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