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What is a solid wood bathroom ark?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-14

what is the characteristic of solid wood bathroom ark real wood material is natural, environmental protection, reveal the beauty of the natural and original. Real wood material is long, from color analysis, lies in its natural wooden instinctive quality. Log lubricious furniture is natural, and no chemical pollution, this is really a healthy fashion choices, in line with the modern urbanite advocate nature's psychological needs. And solid wood bathroom ark just meet this requirement. How to choose real wood bathroom ark: look at the bathroom ark of grain, knots, the color difference. Real solid wood bathroom ark of grain and knot is continuous, found in its relative position of both the front and had the same markings and knot, and real solid wood bathroom ark is have off color. 

 Can observe and hand touch, feel the texture characteristics of sense of reality. Smell: real wood itself will have a unique fragrance, lumber and the fragrance of different wood and different. Such as loose without the smell of turpentine, camphorwood have obvious camphor flavor, no light incense, parker basswood micro oil smell, and many man-made board will have a very strong chemical smell. Three type: solid wood bathroom cabinet due to the moisture after drying on voice clearer with deep feeling, but the sound of the other imitation solid wood is more low. Four phase modulation: solid wood bathroom ark because its density is higher, so its quality is much heavier than imitation. 

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