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What is truly explosive reasons of shower room is you know? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Now, with hot shower room products, many users will install a shower in the bathroom as the partition of dry wet partition. However, there are many stories about the shower room from exploding the people panic, to shower room and love and hate. So, shower room explosive what is going on here? Walk together to get to know some of them below. Questions about the shower room from exploding, most of the answers is toughened glass itself is three over one thousand of the explosive rate, daily use also do not need to worry too much about. As the public understanding of the answer is in the process of using explosive risk of toughened glass is three over one thousand. In fact, the meaning of this digital representation is toughened glass products from the factory within seven days from the date of explosive risk, rather than risk in the process of purchase after use. This is two completely different concepts. Important factors are mainly embodied in the glass quality. Many unknown shower room manufacturers to reduce costs, more profit, will adopt the exam of toughened glass, and mislead consumers to buy, eventually led to the tragedy. So when the choose and buy, we will stay a dessert, best choice from the well-known brand shower room. Such as a well-known brand of shower room, shower room to make each product, shower room to put safety first, create security for consumers and practical shower room.
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