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What kind of glass shower room is better? What's the difference between a explosion-proof glass and laminated glass? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-29
In terms of shower room, toughened glass is better, but there are good and bad points of toughened glass, depending on the degree of toughened to distinguish good or bad, and the stand or fall of toughened with the strength of the steel plant, steel plant equipment, etc. As a famous brand shower room - — Shower room, use the glass not only through the national 3 c certification also reached Europe BS6206 standard steam car completely tempered safety glass quality requirements, good quality and high security, is to use a sense of security. Explosion-proof membrane and laminated glass is for security reasons and to launch, which prevent glass blowout cuts. Glass explosion-proof membrane word is on the glass surface with a layer of membrane, protect, and laminated glass is a layer of glue between the two pieces of glass clamp, the price is more expensive than glass explosion-proof membrane. Laminated glass also called sandwich glass laminated glass is two or several pieces of float glass sandwiching in very tough PVB ( Vinyl polymer butyrate) Film, via hot-press pressure consolidation among discharge air as much as possible, and then placed in high pressure steam kettle using high temperature and high pressure to the remnants of a small amount of air into the film. Convenient for the customer and designer higher request, can provide a wide range of PVB film for customers to choose.
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