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What role does the groundmass shower room? How to install? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
1, groundmass mainly have the effect of water retaining, groundmass must choose good groundmass, bad groundmass using 1 - Broken after 2 years, is very troublesome to reinstall, and demolition of shower room first, put the sloe, if heavily loaded, and can lead to metope left screw holes, very ugly. 2, at the same time, the matrix is relatively easy to identify strengths and weaknesses, first of all, the surface light, there is no doubt that the light groundmass quality must be the better; Second, the matrix surface with a layer of gel, have the effect of beautiful, protects groundmass, good groundmass gel thick, in contrast, poor groundmass gel is thin; Finally, see section, good groundmass plane without obvious pinhole, trachoma, bubbles, colour and lustre bright-coloured, poor groundmass has obvious trachoma, bubbles, color dim. 3, shower room, when the design should consider the size of the toilet and the layout structure and combined with their own preferences or have a box frameless series products. Then the processing (at the bottom of the With the stone basin, groundmass) , windowsill, toilet, bathtub, wall column, the basin that wash a face, open the door way and comprehensive consideration, eventually determine the shower room design and brand. Lown Renault shower room is the first in the industry with professional designers, decides can help you to create individual character space that defend bath, a comfortable shower room is the crystallization of perfect design. Shower room groundmass installation - Shower room groundmass installation method if you want to completely waterproof, recommend the use of best bottom pot, the price is higher, but very beautiful, high-grade. If use groundmass, the groundmass embedded into the tiles or floor, good waterproof. If the floor tile is ok, use the sloe, you will need to use glass glue sealing, disadvantages: glass glue have a 3 years or so, black, waterproof effect is not so good, will be played again. In addition, the groundmass embedded in the ceramic tile, although the waterproof effect is better, later want to change other style, is more troublesome.
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