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What role does the shower room strip, should be installed? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
As the development and progress of The Times, people life quality rise, more and more is also high to the requirement of sanitary ware, so many families put on the shower room, shower room is a major feature of dry wet depart, as its name implies is the place where the shower partition, ensure that water will not flow into the toilet other areas, but there are still some shower room didn't really do the dry wet depart, there will be in the process of bath splashes out, is this why? One of the main reason is that in your shower installation without waterproof glue. Strip is an indispensable part of shower room, it can not only play the role of dry wet depart, more can protect the glass, in the process of the use of glass to reduce the impact of the collision with. On the market the main strip made of PVC, EVA, etc. , the quality of the strip to basically see the stand or fall of raw materials and processing technology of control. Can be ordered according to their own choice, the best strip is EVA strip on the market at present, its performance is stable, not because of the change of the climate change, whether it's hot summer, or the cold winter, can ensure the use function is not affected. Shower room needs to the position of the strip are roughly between glass and glass, glass and metope, position is different, the effect of the different strip have such as waterproof strip, dislocation strip, etc. Waterproof strip can have waterproof function as the name implies, in between the glass side and bottom rail, etc, waterproof glue good toughness, strong tensile properties, compressive resistance, can guarantee the perfect cooperation of metope and chassis and glass, waterproof also no shortage of beautiful and environmental health. So the installation process in the shower room/strip or very be necessary, waterproof it is play a big role, shower room and glass can reduce the impact of the crash. In addition, in the market can't careless when choosing, should choose regular professional businesses, professional installation, put it in the right place, to achieve a desired effect, to experience a comfortable shower.
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