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When choosing shower room size, should according to the size and decide - between wei yu

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, shower room brightly bathed in the home is what fun it is a joy! Common family especially between wei yu is the installation of the shower room should choose the shower room size? What style size is suitable for that? Below small make up for you to introduce a few: a family shower room, shower room, arc first curved shower room. Curved shower room makes full use of corner form independent bath room, and the arc segment of shower room to save space, the shower room size is suitable for small between wei yu. It is advisable to which arc shower room size how much? It depends on the specific spatial structure between wei yu, general choose 900 x900mm or 900 x1000mm is enough. If size is small, family bath is not convenient. Second, diamond-shaped diamond shower room shower room is also very popular styles, because the multilateral features, convenient external space, leaving a path open convenient external tie-in and other sanitary ware products such as toilet, bathroom cabinet, etc. Choose diamond shower room users more choice 900 x900mm, 1000 & # 215; The size of 1000 mm. Three, shower screen if household space that defend bath is long and narrow, might as well choose shower screen, is the most economic model. Choose the shower room size is more, in order to facilitate to 500 mm in and out of the small and large depends on personal preferences. No matter you choose what style and what kind of shower room size, according to the pattern of the space that defend bath, good design items in advance placement size, or you can choose professional businessman the door design, so don't worry about the shower room of choice is not right!
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