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Where is the difference between a and flower asperse shower column? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Believe that many families now or in the use of flower is aspersed, or is the stage nozzle. Before the shower column appeared, many people are holding a flower is aspersed, or is the use of head shower. Later with the rapid development of sanitary ware industry and people to the pursuit of quality life, more and more families start to use the shower column, and the function of shower column now also more and more rich, become one of the popular sanitary ware. White-collar workers particularly fond of workdays, walked into the shower room, open the shower column, enjoy an unparalleled experience shower! Shower column, including set up in the shower; the flower is aspersed, set up in the shower column more than one fixed pinhole in the central part of the flower is aspersed, and adjust the size of water temperature and water flow knob and a handheld shower, shower column set have adjust the installation height of hand-held shower fixed guide groove. Fixed guide Settings in the side of the shower column, decorative surface, and its cross section is T type or C model. Shower column positive setting decorating plate, the profile Settings are decorative surface. Use of shower column, also need to hot and cold water is available 24 hours a day, but I don't need 220 v alternating current (ac). Shower column from the bottom of the column into the water, so below it is the inlet valve core, such requirements have 15 cm depth can be installed at the bottom of the ground the valve core. 1, the new craft is simple, reasonable structure, because there are T flanking shower column set font or C type fixed guide, can adjust according to the needs of different people with the installation of the shower or take put height; 2, one-piece aluminum alloy molding of shower column can spray the coating of all sorts of color, also can be made according to the different needs of users of different length, in order to meet the needs of different users. 3, feature-rich, safe and convenient use, can according to the family height adjustment.
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