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Which good smart bathroom ark? These features you need to know

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-05

Unconsciously, smart bathroom ark is become more and more families choose, many consumers home also want to install a set of intelligent bathroom ark. But the market intelligence function of bathroom ark is different, which good smart bathroom ark? How to choose? In this paper, the detailed introduction for you. What is a smart bathroom ark? Smart bathroom ark in appearance and common bathroom ark is not much difference, the difference is that many other functions, such as bluetooth, WIFI, induction switch, disinfection cabinet, and other different intelligent devices. Of course, different brands, different models of intelligent bathroom ark on the function also is not exactly the same. Which good smart bathroom ark? Different intelligent bathroom ark function different, consumers to choose according to their needs. Appollo smart bathroom ark can be roughly divided into three generations. Appollo, the first generation of smart bathroom ark, main function is to bring the bluetooth speakers and induction lamp. Bluetooth speakers can connect mobile phones play music, induction lights, as long as waved mirror lamp will automatically open. The first generation of smart bathroom ark to make the life that defend bath more interesting, and ease of use. Smart bathroom ark bluetooth speakers Appollo the second generation of smart bathroom ark, main function is to take smart magic land, through the link to the third party tools such as smart toothbrush, weight, gauge, skin detector, etc. , can real-time test of the skin, body weight, blood pressure and other health indicators. Road traffic also can promptly put the latest display on the screen, and built-in small speech function of the robot. The second generation of smart bathroom ark is referred to as 'health butler'. Intelligent magic in the third generation of intelligent bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet Appollo crossover into the life just need more technology, has a set of drying, sterilization, deodorant, mist, refrigerated five functions, which integrates multi-functional intelligent bathroom ark. Solve the daily health life needs, such as towels, underwear, baby clothes drying disinfection, toothbrush drying disinfection, protect skin to taste cold storage preservation, bathroom air deodorization, a key mist mirror, etc. , are called little helper 'healthy life'. Multi-functional intelligent bathroom ark towel drying sterilization toothbrush drying disinfection protect skin to taste the plant can be seen from the smart bathroom ark updated iteration, pay more attention to practical intelligent bathroom ark, can want to don't items no longer, but each family health life just needed items. Which good smart bathroom ark? Appollo in research and development of intelligent have nearly 10 years of history, not only smart bathroom cabinet, toilet and intelligence, intelligent magnetic levitation shower room and so on, the whole sanitary ware intelligent will be a more ideal choice for you. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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