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Who says small family model is not suitable for the shower room, like pretending to be absolutely reliable. -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
High property prices in recent years, domestic purchase pressure surge, many families choose to buy small family model bedroom. Small family model bedroom space is limited, how to perfect a single meter, make good use of home become the problem of every family. Shower room because its take up little space position, is the first option of small family family decorate between wei yu. Most families choose bath crock, although it was comfortable but damp is bigger. Domestic shower room products now more and more powerful, more and more people choose to install a shower room between wei yu, not only can achieve the result of dry wet depart, conforms to the modern decoration design, saving a lot more space, so the small family what should choose the shower room? 851 Rhea Rhea Rhea series is the perfect work life and space blending, matte black color feeling, inextricably will now back to the past, it was Rhea, the god of ancient Greek times can bring so clever, and resolve all thoughts of the space, to each kind of demand is blended in among them, even if is ideal, also can be satisfied in this space. Rhea series using simple grooves on the rail wheel, hovering at the bottom of the glass, push-pull is convenient, smooth quiet; Top and bottom rail are aluminum alloy, aluminum main wall thickness up to 3. More than 5 mm, it has strong tensile and torque resistance, in the case of shower room ultra 2 meters, still can keep the rather strength. Under the rail is 'L' type, wall materials for 'concave' type structure; Collision block modeling fashion, can effectively slow down the glass on the impact of the wall, the rail guide block is 80 mm long, can reduce activity at the bottom of the glass shaking; Have a dip in the rail block water level design, drainage quickly and not easy seeper.
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