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Why are there still leaking after shower room shower off all the time? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-28
Flower is aspersed is what we normally used in shower room shower nozzle, as people in the pursuit of quality of life, began to appear on the market a variety of flower is aspersed type. Flower to asperse showed it to us another amorous feelings, life is colorful life experience for people, but the shower shower with long even switch off, can still leaking, what is the situation? How to solve? A, why jam? Showers use after a long time, it will be smaller. Because of the water containing alkali, scale will be deposited in the drainage holes, so cause the clogging in the shower. By this time have to looking for a brand after-sales service. Everyone, when the choose and buy the flower is aspersed brand doesn't have to choose well-known brands, but must choose to mass-market brands. Second, the flower is aspersed fall paint problems cause of flower is aspersed coating paint is very ugly, if you just buy the flower is aspersed soon appear this kind of problem, is very effect the beauty of the whole. Poor quality of some of the flower is aspersed is due to the paint off caused by congestion, so shower room when the choose and buy must look off paint happens, when the choose and buy must observe carefully whether smooth, surface plating once felt a sense of rough, so must be a secondary processing, not quality. Three, chooses the material problem some flower is aspersed is to use plastic or cast iron material. If it is plastic, so it is possible to join a lot of waste, are generally not very long service life. Of course, some holding a flower is aspersed using organic glass ABS, so this kind of material quality can still. Here don't recommend choose cast iron material of the flower is aspersed, because of its easy to rust, so many customers choose and buy the flower is aspersed'll regret later on. Cast iron flower is aspersed rust is not only unsightly, but also block the outlet. Currently it is the best material to use pure copper flower is aspersed, generally excellent and flowers is the use of pure copper to build.
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