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Why don't shower cap? Sold 10 years wei yu, finally found out the secret. 。 。 。 。 。

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-12
Home have installed shower room, usually found that shower room is currently on the market both in one word, diamond, or arc type shower room design caps. Why to be like this design? Cap design heat preservation effect is not better?

in fact, the reason behind this is simple! ! ! First of all, the space of shower room is completely sealed, the water vapor will not be able to get in the shower, it is easy to form a 'high concentrations of steam shower space, for a long time in such an environment, will cause adverse reactions such as chest tightness and breathing disorders. Uncapped design can make the water vapor away slowly, not completely assembled. This warm water leakage inside shower room can be ensured, the heat is not soon lost more can guarantee the well ventilated at the same time, avoid the bath time is too long, such as high temperature and humidity to cause dizziness, difficulty breathing. Secondly, the design of the cap is not only affect beautiful, still can increase the total price. Because of totally enclosed design, must have to keep the air exhaust equipment installed air convection. But it will inevitably affect the overall visual effect of shower room. Finally, the important function of shower room is to realize the partition of toilet, in general, the height of the shower room 1. Basic can achieve 85 meters, partition, it is not necessary to do cap processing.

so, how do we choose the high quality and easy shower room? Teach you simple step 6, quickly choose shower room

1, determine the room, and measurements for the custom

at present, the shower room with curves on market, fans, square, diamond shape, U shape and straight, you can choose according to the pattern of home bathroom right room. After good room, choose according to their own habits of shower room opened the way, have left, right, open, open, inside and outside the open choice. Then carries on the precise measure is to please the teacher to your door, custom

2, watch glass, pay attention to the explosion-proof

glass is the core component of a shower room, and we need to focus on the safety of the glass. Watch glass connect fully, do you have any miscellaneous points, bubble defects such as; See whether have 3 c logo on glass glass certification; See complete model at present, toughened glass pieces on the market almost all adopt the car level of toughened glass shower room. Belong to the safety glass, toughened glass have stronger resistance to wind pressure, through sex, impact. When the glass from external damage, debris will into a honeycomb-like obtuse scrawled particles, not easily cause harm to human body. Therefore, we suggest that choose moderate thickness, and labeled with toughened glass explosion-proof membrane.

3, see the hardness of aluminum, to durable

aluminum shower room often needs to support the weight of dozens or even hundreds of kg glass, if the hardness and thickness of no, shower service life will be very short, all the hardness and thickness of aluminum is an important evaluation indexes. The thickness of the qualified aluminum shower room in 1. More than 2 mm, the rail crane glass aluminum in 1. More than 5 mm.

4, see pulley wheel and seat sealing material

in the first place, the pulley wheel seat to use compressive strength, resistance to heavy material, such as 304 stainless steel, high-end synthetic materials. Wheel seat sealing good, it is not easy to water vapor into the wheel, the wheels of guaranteeing smooth sex. Second, pulleys and orbit to cooperate closely, small aperture. Door of the ball bearing must be flexible, convenient and close, the screw is made of stainless steel, all hardware smooth degree, must pay attention to scratch is not fun in it.

5, the collocation, selected practical product

to create more comfortable shower space, can add flower is aspersed, floor drain, accessories such as Angle basket, hanging hook.

6, whether the product design humanization

the high-quality goods shelves, sealing strip, the buffer device. 。 。 The humanity can provide you with more comfortable and thoughtful bath feeling.
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