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Why floor drain wall between sanitary ware? The bathroom floor drain is blocked?

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-02

every day when we came home after the exhaustion of a day to be able to comfortably take a bath, I think it must be a quite a pleasant thing, right? But if this time home bathroom floor drain plug will largely affect our use as well as our mood. one The bathroom floor drain plug reason 

  1. Clutter: family floor drain plug is mainly use some residue content, garbage will hollow out plug, lead to wastewater cannot be ruled out. The kitchen floor drain plug is because washing dishes to wash the dishes, residues of the kitchen sink is no clear and clean. Bathroom floor drain plug is for the most part the hair will be blocked, so common in the life, must will be rid of clutter on the surface of floor drain. 2. Building materials: if the floor drain cover not lost, usually cover above the floor drain mouth, that could be used when building the house fell into building materials inside the pipeline, not clear in time lead to the congestion. 3. The outer walls of the main line, floor drain connection drainage pipe is blocked, cause your home water is not to go out, need to ask the upstairs downstairs neighbor have similar wall floor drain. If you have congestion, explain is outside the main line. two The bathroom floor drain is blocked?1. Soda water dredge: a half cup of cooked first baking soda into the sewer, then pour 1/2 cup of vinegar, baking soda can remove after react with acetic acid in the adhesion of oil material in the pipeline.2. Log dredge: put a piece of insert pipe diameter is close to drain the logs in, and add a certain amount of water in the pool, incessantly twitch log up and down quickly, in under the action of suction and pressure, sewage pipes will be washed away. 3. Caustic soda dredge: water pipe plug, can buy a few pieces of caustic soda from the market, put it in the water pipeline, and then pour some hot water. Sodium hydroxide met with chemical changes the hot water, hot water in caustic soda temperatures soared, the oil in the pipeline with melted, well, so as to solve the problem of sewer blocked.

  2. 4. Dredge agent: supermarkets sell & other; Pipeline flux & throughout; Is clean up this kind of blockage, according to the degree of congestion by pouring, attention should be paid to see before buying, because some kinds of pipeline is for metal pipe, plastic cannot use. 5. Biological dredge: in a little yellow catch eel to drain, and then add some detergent or salt etc excitant, cover the lid, through the biological characteristics of yellow catch eel plumbing. 6. When the clogging pump dredge: floor drain sewage pump hose into the sewer, add a small amount of water, to cheer, can dredge pipeline. We still want to remind everyone here, in our daily use the bathroom, should often clean floor drain screen, no time for a long time after we the floor drain of the bathroom is very easy to plug. ( Source: China sanitary ware network) Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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