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Why glass cracks, how to choose safe and reliable - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
The fast pace of urban life made shower room is very popular with young people. Its operation and use are very convenient, covers an area of small, more possesses the advantages of saving water, let the shower room into thousands of households. Let's take a look at this the same appearance, the shower room of inner are different. Most of the families of the room that defend bath choice is equipped with a shower room, not only can avoid the dirty water overflow, achieve the result of dry wet depart. In recent years, large and small brand shower room have sprung up, production of the product quality is differ, this is the glass of shower room seam news increasingly part of the reason, so how to choose safe and reliable shower room? Why is the glass of shower room can produce cracks? This accident is roughly three conditions: one is to buy inferior products, the quality of toughened glass has a problem; 2 it is to not pay attention to the installation of the glass, glass uneven, cracks were reported in the long run; The third is daily use error. More it is worth noting that in the summer and winter indoor air conditioning temperature is lower, the toilet inside and outside temperature difference is bigger. When the glass is hit by the outside air conditioning, because of the heat bilges cold shrink can lead to broken glass. How to choose safe and reliable 1 shower room, shower room glass for toughened glass, the thickness of 5 - 10毫米; 2, the skeleton of shower room for aluminum alloy, aluminum need enough wall thickness to 1. More than 2 mm; 3, shower room, magnetic sealing, aperture small, less than 1 mm; 4 ball bearing to be flexible, shower room, the door of the rev. Convenient and lightweight, soft handle. 5, choosing shower room, choose the shower room with 3 c authentication. Brand product quality more at ease, after work to be more perfect.
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