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Why toilet revolution? Look at these designs

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-08
When people talking about the toilet decorate a design, is actually talking about their way of life.

the subject before talking about toilet decorate a design, please try to remember the common bathroom: 3 ㎡ - 10 ㎡ toilet, the floor of the blue, yellow shutter, black sink, sink on various toiletries, with long wet toilet, always wet floor and so on. Daily household life, toilet general pattern:

l closestool, stage basin, shower all crowded together, resulting in a toilet can only use the low efficiency of one person;

l wet separation, after the shower wet toilet area;

l poor toilet deodorizes and toiletries bacteria;

l crude mixed and disorderly, functional difference, colour is tie-in, do not have a unified whole space style;

when it comes to Japanese toilet design, reminds me of the French film 'the hedgehog grace' inside of ozu's Mr. Lang, an accomplishment and taste of the Japanese old man. Movies have a impressive story to visit Mr Ozu Mrs Michelle, when using the toilet, toilet and listening to music, this is to cover up the embarrassed voice in the toilet. Although domestic also have intelligent toilet now, but have to say that Japan's 'human nature is changed' on the bathroom design is famous in the world, very worthy of our reference and study. And decorate toilet whole and all details, but also reflect the dweller individual style, taste and tonal.

4 points in space. Layout

compared to domestic household life of the bathroom decorate a design, the bathroom of Japan appears to be more careful, more human. Mainly divided into Japanese toilet bath area, shower area, toilet area, change clothes area. As rose island who customize the four points of space, all implementation science toilet partitions, dry wet depart, odor-proof upgrade.

here, will someone say 'unrealistic, high housing prices back who have so many area to the toilet'. Actually otherwise, the Japanese house generally smaller, but they can still do meticulous, neat, orderly. Is four points a space so you just need to 8 ㎡ implementation, this is rose island who all custom spatial expansion of double charm.

3 points in space. Layout

if not achieve the four points in space, there are three points in space as well. Rose island who customize all three points in space has three functions: wash, toilet, shower area. This practical three separate toilet, almost four. 5 ㎡ can be achieved.

two space. Layout

small family toilet, realize two space also is not a problem, rose island who all custom two space namely: wash area + toilet area, shower area. Two space is not only suitable for small family toilet, at the same time can also be applied to large family advocate lie toilet. The area is small, but it can also realize the dry wet depart, reasonable receive, make the toilet of neat, orderly, comfortable, improve the quality of life.
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