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Wolf 2 hit 5 billion! Domestic bath when self-improvement!

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-02

at present, a film directed by wu war 2 Wolf was born, refresh the Chinese box office record, the box office hit 5 billion, lit the hero complex of the people. 2 so hot why fight the Wolf, a time is the emergence of the film, the second is creative staff & other; Desperately & throughout; Made of quality. The film shows the country's powerful, only oneself strong, don't beaten, which was standing in the world. As the national sanitary ware enterprises also need free-standing self-improvement, continuous innovation, can not eliminated by the market, go outside, dazzling the world stage. 

 Domestic sanitary ware how self-renewal? In this piece of blue ocean sanitary ware industry, such as the United States kohler, Japan TOTO, Spanish, etc.  Has been to dominate the domestic high-end sanitary ware market, while domestic brands have been focus on the low-end market. Therefore, more efforts on science and technology content and sales service, develop and create high-end domestic sanitary ware brand has become the trend of The Times. For international product design positioning stick to abroad market demand for domestic product that defend bath how to win consumer's favor, meet their individual needs is the key, which requires domestic sanitary ware enterprises fully understand the needs of foreign customers, targeted to these requirements into the product design, mold the enterprise products distinctive personality or image, and convey the image vividly to them, make the enterprise products determine the appropriate position in the international market. Therefore, the author thinks that who can find out the international orientation, who will eventually win markets abroad. 

 Deepening & other; Go out & throughout; Concept of broadening the channels for export of domestic sanitary ware enterprises & other; Go out & throughout; Is not the ultimate goal, but to truly achieve based on international, rather than simply selling products, but to establish Chinese brands, become a new international market order and the builders of the new pattern. Root international is not easy, however, it needs entrepreneurs that defend bath has a long-term view and superhuman courage, and not blindly, at the beginning of the open international markets also need domestic sanitary ware enterprises to strengthen infrastructure construction, widen the channel of the products are exported, only a solid basic skills, based on the international to achieve. Original design creates & other; Throughout China to create &; Road of the development of a good entrepreneurs want their career to the next level, a promising sanitary ware enterprises, of course, inseparable from the open market, in today's domestic sanitary ware market demand growth slowed, the sanitary ware that more and more enterprises realize that & other; Go abroad & throughout; About the importance of the real based on the international market? 

 There is no doubt that only & other; Throughout China to create &; The original design to final domestic sanitary ware to the international market. From what has been discussed above, domestic sanitary ware product positioning, design, channel, this is the breakthrough and stronger brand, wei yu people need & other The builders & throughout; Products with good spirit, unique burnish, again to find more export channels, to product to the international stage, set up made in China. High-end integrated bathroom always adhering to the Appollo & other; Continuous innovation, continuous high quality, continuous service & throughout; The management idea, has advanced production equipment, leading research and development team and perfect management system.

 Appollo believed only dedicated to the construction of the motherland, the best way is to insist on high quality manufacturing, unyielding, eternal battle Wolf spirit, constantly meet people's growing demand high quality, promote social harmony and civilization, this is what the Appollo high-end enterprise mission of whole sanitary ware has always been the same. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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