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Woman this weak, as a mother is just a special mother's day, don't let your love wait too long

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-16
There is a kind of love in the world, you ask for,

but never need to repay, the love is maternal love.

may the sweet, slowly,

may love, lovely.

the wind cloud into the wine.

the sun tilt,

warmed the most warm holiday - — Mother's day

in this season of warm

you need to prepare a warm present

your mom to send sincere love

Appollo thermostatic shower lock temperature

don't have to repeatedly adjust temperature

details to protect a more appropriate

mother also need not worry about blows hot and cold shower

a variety of shower models for your choice,

carrying, or spray.

top gushing water can enjoy the rainforest mode,

than ordinary flowers with water can contact with the body better more,

carrying water with compression hose,

put the coil not knot,

good convenient installation.

the humanized facilities, smooth handle, lock 38 degrees.

hot wall, free switch

it is easy to operate,

is the best choice for family configuration

in your own way,

express our love to the mother.

this time,

don't let waiting for love.
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