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You don't know the bathroom cabinet design, the key is to save money and convenient! It's too practical

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-06
Bathroom ark should be in domestic outfit now have the necessary product for the between sanitary ware, wash gargle, make up, receive, between the sanitary ware that the multifarious Dali's order can only rely on the bathroom cabinet. Bathroom ark can buy finished product, also can let a bricklayer's build by laying bricks or stones in the home, also can let carpentry do, also can look for the merchants of custom furniture customization, etc. , no matter how to choose suits own is good!

the material aspect of the bathroom ark, is one of the more common is real wood, composite board, PVC, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and so on.

the three production ways left left left

1, since the build by laying bricks or stones bathroom ark

let bricklayer's build by laying bricks or stones a bathroom ark, the advantage is not afraid of tide, durable, defect is high for a bricklayer's technical requirements, design limits is large, compared to pick style, change is difficult in the future. Is generally suitable for rural Mediterranean decorate a style, suitable for toilet area of the larger space.

2, finished product bathroom ark

the finished product advantages of bathroom ark is integrity is better, more optional, beautiful appearance, practical strong, such as the optional one-piece basin, condole ark can choose alone. The disadvantage is that fixed dimensions, not according to their family. But the bathroom ark type size on the market is very much also, choose a suitable own not difficult also.

3, custom bathroom ark

custom has the advantage of bathroom ark can according to their own home and family size and custom, let every space to use more efficient, can make good use of the interior more exotic corner. The disadvantage is that selectivity was not as much as the finished product design, style, general is door plank to decide based on the style.

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