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You need this autumn shower is right! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Shower for everyone must have been a particularly pleasant thing, in the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, in the cool autumn, the experts suggest that we shower to reduce the number of times. What is this? If you are somewhat confused, might as well listen to traditional Chinese medicine experts say. Traditional Chinese medicine health care keeping in good health autumn bath should reduce the number of questions about the autumn baths, experts are divided into two points. Specific as follows: should reduce dust baths windy autumn autumn, people sweat less, the air is very dry. At this point, people exposed to facial skin, have a sense of solidity and lack of elasticity, even peeling. This is because the skin moisture to evaporate quickly, the skin stratum corneum moisture because of lack of. Since the autumn, the bath can reduce the number of times. In windy days, if too much bathing, will wash away the fat off from the human body surface protection. The bath shower choose must choose alkalescent small, neutral is the best. After MuYu best can coating a layer of skin, protect wet protect skin to taste. Must be more water every day, you can also put a basin of water in the room, or use a humidifier, in order to increase the indoor humidity, if necessary, every few hours to spray some water for skin, make the skin always is in a state of relatively moist. Don't use too hot water bath from skin protection, people should not be too much bathing, autumn even autumn arrived, the temperature is not too low, can take a shower, at most a day or two days for good, otherwise the skin layer after destruction, skin are more likely to be infected with bacteria. Therefore, hygiene and moderation. Two days should not be excessive and clean the skin, it is advisable to take a shower. Don't overheat the water bath. If use a hot water bath, can make skin more dry, red and even peeling, it is unfavorable to adapt to climate change.
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