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【 】 100000, 300000, 1 million, open up how much economical sanitary ware shop?

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13
100000? 300000? 1 million?

how much is a sanitary ware shop?

open bath shop need to pay attention to what matters?

how to choose the dealer sanitary ware brand?

a, a bath shop need how many money?

open a bathroom undoubtedly involve its franchisees expenses down payment, store rent, sample input, decorate cost, inventory, employee wages, etc. But these costs for operating a product brand, scale of operation, management place, different for the different mode of operation, etc.

how much is a sanitary ware shop? General large stores open bath shop for the work required to input and in the third grade stores open bath shop is a big difference, so in what kind of stores open bath shop determines the grade of the brand, which manages also decide how much to the input.

2, open bath shop to pay attention to what?

1, pay attention to the position of store choose

because sanitary ware is belong to the goods must be in people life, so often focused on the sanitary ware boutique or related products offer part of business, this is more conducive to product sales, because the same products stores is more, consumers have more chance to choose. Sanitary ware shop location selection should from the local market situation to think about, can understand the selected size if there is a long-term development.

2, do market analysis,

because in the face of consumer groups are more diverse, so bath stores according to different consumer groups to determine their own stores. If the point of sale was less, and less of the floating population is unfavorable open too high end stores that defend bath. To fully understand the point of sale before the opening of the passenger flow, flow time, can make much traffic.

3, sanitary ware brand how to choose?

1, don't blindly to find big

many agents in choosing a franchise, tend to be more about a brand, think that the bigger the brand, the more suitable for joining. Actually otherwise, the brand big join factor to consider is, but is by no means will however factor decided to join or not. Some big brands have reached the peak of development, the market saturation is high development space is small, need more money. To quickly development-oriented enterprises, not only the development space is large, joining opportunities is more, the brand often also has outstanding characteristics.

Appollo sanitary ware brand, independent innovation technology, high quality products, the coinsurance after-sales service, professional team product training, marketing elite talent advantages, six major advantages to making a famous brand of sanitary ware market, dealers profits.

2, select the product quality, function and price advantage

when choosing products compare the products need various perspectives, including product quality, function and price, etc. When the choice, need to be proactive, conform to the new trend of our times, consider more attention to the trend of today.

Appollo sanitary ware product set intelligent, environmental protection, convenient, simple, personalized, custom etc, meet all kinds of consumer demand.

3, perfect supporting policies and training system

the enterprise seeks the development, the support to dealers can't light. Join to need to examine whether dealers have more comprehensive supporting policies. Appollo wei yu is not only free to join, and headquarters to give you a free repair, free publicity, free training and so on seven big policy, allowing you to easily start a business.

Appollo sanitary ware brand, dedicated to the Italian design concept, will be Chinese and foreign culture and cutting-edge technology, combined with the consumer demand, to intelligent, environmental protection, health, comfortable bathroom products. Appollo sanitary ware with sincere attitude of cooperation, sincerely joining trader all over the country, and win-win future!
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